Orthopedic Expert Medical Questions

Can I ask questions about any medical legal issues?

No. Cases and questions must be limited to Orthopedic related issues.

What are Orthopedic related issues?

Injuries and conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system or as a result of treating the musculoskeletal system including the neck, spine, joints, arms, wrists/hands, legs, ankles, and feet.

Can’t my attorney make decisions about the medical aspect of my case?

No. Your attorney at some point will have to have a medical expert review your case and provide him opinions and expert testimony.

What do medical experts usually charge attorneys for their services?

Charges of $500 - $1000 per hour are common to review cases and provide opinions. Separate charges are made to testify at trial up to $10,000 per day.

After I submit my question and case information, how long will it take before I receive an answer?

Response times are as follows:

  • Simple question is usually less than 24 hours
  • Case review is 24 - 72 hours
  • Additional material is 24 - 72 hours

Does the public at large have direct access to medical legal Orthopedic experts such as Dr. Graboff?

No. Medical experts work directly with attorneys and not the public at large. Attorneys have access to these experts after a person files a potential case. Even though you need an attorney to file and pursue your case legally, attorneys cannot determine the medical aspect of a potential legal case and they must have a medical expert review and certify the case for them. Even if you retain a lawyer, he will still need to have a medical expert review your case and you will be charged for those services.

Is every case from a medical legal standpoint meritorious?

There are people that have had reasonable medical malpractice and personal injury cases that had no idea that they could hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit. And, there are others that wasted their time, hopes, and money by first hiring an attorney only to find out that no medical expert would certify their case because it simply was not meritorious.

Is ‘Ask Orthopedic MedLegal Opinion’ promoting lawsuits?

No. This website and its direct access to a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Medical Legal Expert not only hopes to encourage litigation based on sound medical evidence, but it also hopes to prevent frivolous claims and lawsuits that are not meritorious.

Will Dr. Graboff just tell me ‘what I want to hear’?

No. He will review your information and send to you a signed written opinion. His opinion will be honest, un-biased, and straight forward. He will ‘call it as he sees it.’

What if the Doctor needs more information to answer my question or provide an opinion about my case?

He will contact you directly with that request and make note of that in his response.

Will the answer or opinion that I receive from Dr. Graboff guarantee that a lawyer will take my case?

No. However, having a preliminary opinion and assessment from a medical expert will make it much easier for an attorney to accept your case.

Will the answer or opinion that I receive from Dr Graboff guarantee that I will prevail at the conclusion of my lawsuit?

No. There are many factors, including those that are medical and those that are legal, that will contribute to the success or failure of your lawsuit. However, Dr. Graboff hope’s that by answering your questions now he can provide expert medical legal guidance and help put you on a path that will successfully resolve your issues.

Is the answer or opinion given by Ask Orthopedic MedLegal Opinion and Dr. Graboff all that my attorney will need to litigate my case?

No. The answer or opinion that you receive here is a screening or “initial review” and your attorney will still need to retain the appropriate experts to review all of your relevant evidence, testify, and support your case during the litigation.

Can my attorney retain Dr. Graboff to be my Orthopedic Expert Witness?

Yes. Your attorney can contact the Doctor directly however expert witness retention requires a separate agreement with your attorney and is not included as part of the services offered by Ask Orthopedic MedLegal Opinion.

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